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  1. A Message from Minleon

    As a follow-up to yesterday's announcement regarding the sale of LightShow Pro (LSP), we at Minleon wanted to sincerely convey our excitement in beginning our relationship with the community of LSP users. We have been reviewing LSP software for some time, and are of the firm belief LSP is the best RGB lightshow software in the market, and is poised to be even better. First, we thank David Johnson for the great job in developing the software; second, we thank all of the LSP users for your assistance ...
  2. Minleon to the Purchase the Industry's Premier RGB Light Show Pro Software

    Minleon International Ltd (A China-based manufacturer of LED holiday and d'cor lighting products), and Minleon International (USA) Ltd (it's USA-based affiliate) have announced the purchase of LightShow Pro, a California-based software company and the leading provider of RGB light sequence software in the industry. The purchase is effective immediately.

    Minleon is the largest supplier of LED holiday replacement bulbs to the USA commercial market. Operating since 2005, Minleon established ...

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    Planning & Preparation
  3. Saturday Tech-Talk Chats

    Hey LightShow gurus,

    Every Saturday from 9-10am (PST) we will be meeting in the TechTalk chatroom to discuss industry trends, priorities and developments related to the LightShow Pro product.

    we encourage you to participate or just listen in, this is a chance for you to shape the direction of the product and community, while getting inspired for you projects!

    thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all in the forums!

    [URL=""]You ...