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related to the sequencing process

  1. New EZ-Edit makes sequencing faster.

    Something to look forward to!
    LightShow Pro's EZ-Edit feature (March Release) makes working with sequence patterns quick and painless.

    [B]To move or adjust the position of a sequence pattern:[/B]
    [LIST=1][*]simply select a region of effects in your sequence.[*]Shift-click-drag the selection of effects to the newly desired location.[*]release the mouse button to paste the selection in the dropped location.[*]release the shift-key[/LIST][CENTER]or[/CENTER]

    [B]To ...
  2. Saturday Tech-Talk Chats

    Hey LightShow gurus,

    Every Saturday from 9-10am (PST) we will be meeting in the TechTalk chatroom to discuss industry trends, priorities and developments related to the LightShow Pro product.

    we encourage you to participate or just listen in, this is a chance for you to shape the direction of the product and community, while getting inspired for you projects!

    thanks and I look forward to chatting with you all in the forums!

    [URL=""]You ...