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  1. New Hosting Platform

    Well if you see this post then you have arrived to the new web host.

    I sincerely apologize for the disruptive activities over the last week (introduced by my web host) and look forward to progress again.

    there are still a couple open items with the site, specifically the portion is still being configured.

    most everything else should be stable now.
    the speed should be better.

    thank you,
  2. Feature List at Full throttle!

    As we enter the late season, priorities and organization are critical. Losing two months in development environment and server upgrades I'm finally back on track.

    In addition to some progressive research projects and new development incubations, over the next 6 weeks significant effort will be focused on knocking out the feature and bug lists, this is good new for users and us as we clear the queue.

    look forward to a lot of activity and changes this season. if there is ...
  3. Renard Controllers Completed

    Completed building the Renard controllers last night with all parts and dongles attached. Now need to build 10 network cables so I can hook them all together and run a test.
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