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  1. Minleons Lightshow Pro User-based Quality Control Committee

    Dear Lightshow Pro User Community (community) - When Minleon announced the purchase of LSP we also announced we would be forming a user-based quality control committee (QCC) and immediately solicited the community for qualified candidates. As a result of this solicitation, Minleon received a generous list of qualified candidates. Minleon thanks the community for your recommendations. Due to the planned limited size of committee, we were unable to select all qualified candidates recommended, but ...

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  2. Minleon Purchase of Lightshow Pro - End of Primary Transition Period

    Dear Lightshow Pro (LSP) Users: With the purchase of LSP, an approximate 60-day window (from V2.5 release date) was agreed to in transitioning LSP to Minleon. This window will be ending shortly. Moving forward, Minleon will play a more active and definitive role in the LSP operations. Throughout this transition period, Minleon has focused on building the infra-structure needed to promote the long-term success of LSP, as follows:
    1. working with David to familiarize ourselves with the operation ...

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  3. Status of the Release of LightShow Pro Version 2.5

    As you are aware LightShow Pro Version 2.5 (LSP V2.5) has been released. If you have not received your expected product please contact us at so we can research on your behalf.

    Minleon sincerely thanks David Johnson for his diligent and professional work in the development of V2.5, and further thanks the LSP V2.5 beta-test group, and others, for their insight and efforts related to V2.5. As with any such release, we do expect questions and issues to surface ...

    Updated 08-21-2012 at 01:19 PM by Dean

  4. LightShow Pro v2.5 Now Available!

    Software takes time to develop but great sequence shouldn't, today with great excitement we announce the release of LightShow Pro v2.5!

    Along with addressing over 200 quality issues and functionality improvements, we have added new and powerful features to further increase your sequencing capability and productivity.

    [U][B]A few of the more notable changes include:
    [LIST][*]Complete ...

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  5. A Message from Minleon

    As a follow-up to yesterday's announcement regarding the sale of LightShow Pro (LSP), we at Minleon wanted to sincerely convey our excitement in beginning our relationship with the community of LSP users. We have been reviewing LSP software for some time, and are of the firm belief LSP is the best RGB lightshow software in the market, and is poised to be even better. First, we thank David Johnson for the great job in developing the software; second, we thank all of the LSP users for your assistance ...
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