• I ran it completely unattended for 3 days...

    I was pretty happy with the first season. I had 33 sequences in the show and all but 3 had videos. I ran the show from 11/27 thru 1/9 and even ran it completely unattended for 3 days while we were in California.

    X10 control was kind of hit and miss but for the most part it worked with minor delays.

    I did have some issues with the renard protocol but David resolved those issues and then they ran just fine.

    If the scheduler was restarted however, the renard port would not work. If I rebuilt the show from scratch it would work fine.

    Anytime I had the need to change the show time in the scheduler, I ended up having to rebuild the show from scratch as changing the times in the calendar seemed to cause things not to run properly.

    When I did have to rebuild the show I had to open the first sequence in the sequencer as the scheduler would not open the sequence. I opened it in the sequencer, reconfigured the ports, saved it then opened the scheduler and built the show as normal.

    I could not always get the OS command to work properly in all the sequences. I suspect it was probably my error as I have not researched the cause.

    The "wind" option in the scheduler did not work very well as 96 MPH winds destroyed my flying Santa to there point it needs to be completely rebuilt. Oops, there is no "wind" option. Maybe I will work on a PCB that has a "wind" speed indicator so I can then control the tension on the drive belt and then shut down flying santa so he will then act like a weather vane.
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