• What People are saying about V2 and v2.5

    "I am a long time LOR user. But their plans are running late to support all the new pixels and E1.31 stuff I have added for this year. And when you add that to the LOR features that are not as advanced as LSP, it seems to be a no brainer to move to LSP."
    - Denny

    "Nice job with V2. I was a critic last year. But I upgraded and fired it up today and so far so good!"
    - Tim

    "Thanks again for a great product!"

    "Well I must say you have been busy over the past year as the 2.0 demo
    addressed a major part of the issues I had."

    "V2 looks very solid and shows how much work you put into re-writing and cleaning up issues. I have not poked into the dark corners yet, but your hard work clearly shows in improved stability, speed, and file size reduction. I know that this is truly a labor of love for you and that you will be unlikely to fully recoup all of the time you have invested in the project. Your creativity and brilliance come through loud and clear. With this release, your focus and commitment to creating an outstanding suite of software really does shine through. Thank you so much for hanging in there. I appreciate all that you have accomplished."

    "A remarkable improvement over 1.8. Thank you!"

    "Good job! 2.0 is so smooth is much more enjoyable to use. Thanks for your hard work and effort, I very much appreciate it! I was worried I wouldn't have the time to add new elements and update the old sequences, not going to be an issue with 2.0"

    "Holy Cow !!
    The more I play w/V.2.0, the more impressed I am...
    Been playing with it since it came out a few days ago (was one of the original V.1 purchasers)... gladly paid the upgrade fee for the Advanced level... the Advanced level will be more than adequate for the static & RGB channels I'm using this year (less than 2500)...
    Hasn't locked-up once... much faster and MUCH more stable...
    Being able to 'spiral' the mega tree just using RGB pixels is amazingly simple... and the mega tree RGB transitions are great !"

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    1. mmulvenna's Avatar
      mmulvenna -
      Great job David, I am also getting lots of positive comments on the new release