• Sequencer Classes

    Welcome to the Minleon LSPro Virtual Class Room.
    Sequencer Classes

    <font color = "red">2.8 SEQUENCER CLASSES</font>
    Audio Issues <a href = "" target="_blank">Audio Formats</a> and <a href ="" target="_blank">Audacity Instructions to Change</a>
    Configuration <a href = " 6amSm_r32&index=1" target="_blank">New Options/File locations</a? Basic
    Folders <a href = "" target="_blank">2.8 File Locations</a? Basic
    Performance Considerations <a href = "" target="_blank">PDF of Suggestions</a? Basic
    <font color = "red">2.5 SEQUENCER CLASSES, these classes apply to v2.5 and v2.8</font>
    Configuration Options <a href = "" target="_blank">Animate Zoom</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Background Timing</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Configure Dropped Controller</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Effect Tool Tips</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Glow Active Timings</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Transparent Timings</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Minmize Robbon</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Tinted Timing Marks</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Undo-Redo OPtions</a? Basic
    Copy Paste <a href = "" target="_blank">Copy paste Methods</a? Current versions now ask additional questions Basic
    First Sequence <a href = "" target="_blank">Create your first Sequence</a? Basic
    Mouse Tap <a href = "" target="_blank">Insert Timings using the Mouse</a? Basic
    Right Click Menus <a href = "" target="_blank">Audio Visualizer</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Controller Menu</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Channel Menu</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Layer Menu</a? Basic
    Ribbons <a href = "" target="_blank">Options Ribbon</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Main Ribbon</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Playback Ribbon</a? Basic
    <a href = "" target="_blank">Effects Ribbon</a? Basic
    Using Media Clips <a href = "" target="_blank">Insert Audio Or video Clips</a? Basic
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