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    Welcome to the Minleon LSPro Virtual Class Room.
    The videos on this page have been submitted by users to demonstrate different ways to handle various features of LSP.
    Videos are in process of being added. If I have missed any please let me know.

    Submitted By <font color = "red">User Submitted Help Videos</font>
    Andy Harrison <a href ="" target="_blank">LSP MAcro Generation Trick </a>
    Animal <a href ="" target="_blank">My LSP Setup</a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank">My LSP Setup Part 2</a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank">Get Live Movie Maker for use with above</a>
    Fasteddy <a href ="" target="_blank">Using LOR Controllers in LSP the easy way</a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank"> Using LOR Controllers in LSP the easy way Tutorial Video Part 2 - No Grid</a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank"> Creating Chases using layers and Macros</a>
    Garyh <a href ="" target="_blank">Editing your Show videos using Adobe Premiere </a>
    tng5737 <a href ="" target="_blank">Convert to RGB </a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank">Updating previous years sequence</a>
    <a href ="" target="_blank">Creating a Master Display</a>
    <font color = "red">Helpful Threads</font>
    Audio Issues <a href = "" target="_blank">Audio Formats</a> and <a href ="" target="_blank">Audacity Instructions to Change</a>
    Hot Keys <a href ="" target="_blank">Hot Key Listing</a>
    Searching <a href ="" target="_blank">Google Search</a>