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    "Turn your light performance into a stunning, interactive experience."
    Your imagination is the limit.

    LightShow Pro is an easy to use yet powerful light sequencing software that creates stunning and interactive theatrical and public light performances. With this program, you can create an incredibly choreographed light show, synchronizing lights and devices to sound and video, easy and fast! With industry leading features and un-paralleled hardware compatibility, you dont need to be an expert to start building a great synchronized or interactive show!

    1 Select the song you'd like to create a light show with.
    2 Add your controllers to to the new sequence.
    3 Create your light show using the extensive effect toolset and live preview capabilities.
    4 Connect your hardware and attach your lights.
    5 Share your masterpiece with your audience, friends, family and the world!

    Why LightShow Pro?

    Liven up your holiday displays with the best industry hardware compatibility

    Add the latest DMX and RGB devices, lightshow pro makes it easy to create sweeping light effects and incredible color wash blends, adding a new element to your project!

    Create a mega matrix of lights - then animate them!

    Advanced sequencing tools like the Animation Matrix Editor. Add stunning elements to your display that are nearly impossible without the Matrix Animator feature of LightShow Pro.

    Realtime Preview and heads up display saves countless sequencing hours!

    Audio timeline scrubbing, precise interval placement and performance area preview provide instant feedback for precision shows

    Get Interactive with your guests!

    Interactive Remote Control and Jukebox interface allow your viewer to control the playlist, or Wii controller integration allows them to play the lights with controllers!!

    Compatible with most lighting controllers and devices, including: DMX, X-10, Animated Lighting, LightORama, D-Light, Lynx and Enttec hardware.