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    • Free upgrades (minor versions for 1 year)

    Sequence Importing
    • Importing of LOR II files
    • Importing of Aurora files
    • Importing of Animated Lighting Projects
    • Importing of Vixen files

    Sequence Exporting
    • Export to LOR S2 file format
    • Export to Animated Lighting file format
    • Conductor File Format
    • Minleon file Format

    LightShow Sequencer
    • iPhone and iPad integration -Control your show in real-time with TouchOSC app for i-devices
    • MIDI and OSC support - Use Sliders, Knobs, Buttons and X/Y pads to sequence and control your show devices using KORG Nano and TouchOSC.
    • Digital and Analog inputs -Record analog data and convert to Effects automatically!
    • Layer Transitions -Sequence your entire show with incredible automatic effects
    • Incredible RGB tools -build remarkable blends effortlessly.
    • Light Matrix Animator -create frame by frame animations
    • Interactive Audio “Scrubbing” - drag on the audio bar to hear live playback
    • Vista Interface Styling - simplistic interface
    • Customizable User Interface layout - show/hide & move components to your liking
    • Real-time show visualization - draw channels on display overlay and see live preview during scrubbing or playback.
    • Media Clips - drop audio / video clips into your sequence
    • Win Command Support - execute batch files at specific points in your sequence.
    • Musical Sequences - create audio synchronized light shows.
    • Animation Sequences - create light shows without audio.
    • Sequence Report Generator - generate summary documents for show controllers
    • Sequence Video Generator - generate preview videos of your sequence.
    • Wii Controller Support - create live interactive performances your viewers can play!
    • Wii Tap, interval creation - use controllers to program the light sequences.
    • Audio visualization - multiple audio visualization options to read the audio.
    • Sonogram Audio Visualizer - create intervals from audio spectral data.
    • Energy Amplitude Audio Visualizer - display audio intensity.
    • Energy Spectral Graph - display audio spectral break-down.
    • RGB controller / Firefly support - reduce your channel count by consolidating RGB channels.
    • RGB Blend Tools - create stunning rgb blends/effects is a snap.
    • Recent Effect tool hotkeys - quick short-cuts
    • Tilt / Pan motion path tools (XY Yolks/Scanners) - easy motion paths for inteligent lights!
    • Animation Matrix Editor - create and animate your light show elements, frame-by-frame

    LightShow Scheduler
    • Vista Interface Styling - simple scheduling interface
    • Full featured calendar scheduler - simple calendar interface to edit existing performances.
    • Easy Scheduler Wizard - setup a new show in seconds
    • Auto sequence import scheduling - automatically converts compatible sequences.
    • Between show audio playback - windows media playlist support for between-show music.
    • Kiosk Jukebox - user interface for touchpanel displays

    Total Output Channels
    • Up to 300,00 channels - of any supported protocol!

    Hardware Support
    • E1.31 ECG Hardware support
    • Enttec OpenDMX 512 support
    • Enttec USBPro support
    • Lynx DMX hardware support
    • LOR 8/16/256 channel hardware
    • D-Light 8/16, AC/DC and Firefli hardware
    • X-10 ActiveHome hardware
    • Renard (Protocol I/II) Hardware
    • Animated Lighting Hardware
    • Software DMX generated Effects across all protocols