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    Demo Limitations
    Unlimited time period No Export capabilities to any software or hardware. No output, users will be able to see all the features of the scheduler and the Sequencer they will just not output any effects.

    Find out about the feature set Here

    To use LSP you need to download and install both the sequencer and the scheduler install files. Choose the appropriate download links for your environment below

    Use this Link To download the Demo's

    Get ready to take your Light Show to the next level with the next generation standard and RGB light sequencing features of LightShow Pro such as Layer transitions, powerful link-able macros and the frame by frame animation editor.
    LightShow Pro is an easy to use and extremely powerful light sequencing software that creates stunning and interactive theatrical and public light performances. With this program, you can create an incredibly choreographed light show, synchronizing lights and devices to sound and video, easy and fast! With industry leading features and un-paralleled hardware compatibility, you dont need to be an expert to start building a great synchronized or interactive show!

    Synchronize your lights to music and video.
    Control your lights with devices including KORG Nano, iPhone/iPad, Wii Guitar and Drums!
    Compatible with most lighting controllers and devices, including: E1.31, Pixelnet, SanDevices, J1Sys, Stellascapes, DMX, X-10, Animated Lighting, LightORama, D-Light, Lynx and Enttec hardware.