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    Published on 11-01-2013 10:43 AM

    LightShowPro Scheduler Suite
    General Description

    The LSP Scheduler suite runs the sequences that have been built in the LSP Sequencer. It contains three programs to accomplish this task.

    The first, the “LightShow Pro Service” or “Server”, runs as a windows service at computer startup and monitors the calendar in order to run your light show that is built by the second program, the “Scheduler”. By starting when the computer reboots the Server( program one) will be running as a windows service in order to actually run your shows even if you don’t start the Scheduler (program 2) and it can be configured to run on a different computer from the Scheduler.

    The third program in the suite, the “LightShow Pro Helper”, run as a windows process and is used to display, on a second monitor or projector, any videos during the show that have been included in any of the sequences created in the LSP Sequencer. The helper program also runs any operating system commands that may have been include in any of the sequence files. Windows Batch commands can optionally be placed anywhere in the sequence file as you create them in the LSP Sequencer. They can be used for anything you can dream up. For example you might have completely separate windows program that do things like turn on pumps for water effects, or turn on and off non DMX snow machines, send commands to non LSP controlled message device, or even start or stop radio players like Zara Radio. TM

    1. This video. will get you familiar with the general layout of the Scheduler.
    2. Get an understanding of the “Server”, the “Helper”, and the folders by clicking on this video.
    3. Watch this video. to learn how to backup, restore your calendar, set an intermediate playlist, register the product and find out what version you have installed.
    4. Configure the Server and the Scheduler so they can properly communicate and run the show(s) you have created by viewing this video.
    5. Learn how to create a show using the sequences built in the LSP Sequencer by viewing this video.
    6. You will probably want to modify a show or show you have built so you can learn that by viewing

    LightShowPro Sequencer
    General Description
    Intoduction to the Program Features

    The LSP Sequencer allows users to build sequence files to control the lights connected to various types of controllers in the environment. It contains a powerful set of effects that can be used to wow your viewing audience. See About, Specfications, and Features of the Sequencer for general descriptions.

    If you want to read the details click the Complete Help File to view the entire Help manual. It is recommended that you watch the videos listed below at your leisure to gain familiarity with the LSP Sequencer. The links open the corresponding video in a new window so you can view it. If you start at any section it will automatically continue to the next section. You can stop at any point and then when you return click on the link you want to start with or review.

    Most video links have corresponding help file links so while you are watching the video you may want to pause it in order to reference the corresponding “Help File Reference” for a detailed written description of the corresponding subject, or you may just want to view the detailed help document without watching the video. If you have opened the "Help File Reference" and would like to see all the Help navigation elements just click the "Show" link in the upper left corner of the help window.

    Before jumping into "Let's Get Sequencing" we suggest you take some time to get familiar with the Sequencer layout as presented in the "Overview" section below.

    The "Main tab" link starts at the beginning and automatically proceeds through the first 25 minutes of the overview and then on to the remaining 35 minutes of the "Lets Get Sequencing" section.The individual links below provide bookmarks at key points to allow easy reference, which will allow you to come back or review these sessions at your leisure in the video to either pick up where you left off or to review a particular section.

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    This Classroom will contain guide for new users to get started using LightShowPro
    After opening any of the files below

    Welcome to the Minleon LSPro Virtual Class Room. Classes on Layers, Macros and Transitions As seen in version 2.5. Some

    Welcome to the Minleon LSPro Virtual Class Room.
    The videos on this page have been submitted by users to demonstrate different ...

    Welcome to the Minleon LSPro Virtual Class Room.
    Sequencer Classes