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    by Published on 02-14-2010 11:11 PM

    Ready to build an incredible Light Show this holiday? ...with LightShow Pro you can do it in record time using the industries most innovative tools. synchronizing lights and environmental effects have never been so easy. Pinpoint accuracy to quickly build great performances without all of the repetetive testing and guesswork.

    "with other software, we spend 80% of our time getting the timing right; with LightShow Pro you know its right the first time!"

    Digital audio spectral analysis tools provide realtime feedback and heads up displays to get your timing exact the first time. no more "create-test-move" sequencing cycle. in realtime, you SEE and HEAR the exact location while you create it saving hours of tihunting and pecking on a wave form or timeline!

    "Sequencing takes 5 to 15 hours per song to get it perfect, and then there is testing..."

    Voice Recognition, Hot Keys and mouse gestures speed up all of the common activities and tool swapping; with an ingrated Clipboard ring and cross sequence pasting, Productivity tools and instant feedback to get it right the first time.

    "Building holiday memories, one sequence at a time."

    And we are building the best light Sequencing Software Company, "One customer at a time", let us hear how we can meet your needs!
    -LightShow Pro Team

    Compatible with most lighting controllers and devices, including: DMX, X-10, Animated Lighting, LightORama, D-Light, Lynx and Enttec hardware.