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    Unhappy Getting Minleon Express up and running with Enttec DMX MKII Pro.. Anyone?

    I thought I had everything squared away to get the Minleon Express setup, but somehow I have gone astray.
    I'm hoping someone may be able to tell me where I may be going wrong here:

    So, I have my Enttec DMXUSB Pro connected to my laptop, on COM 3 (USB Serial Port), 115200bps, 8/N/1, with no flow control. That appears to be working properly.
    The Entec has an alternating green and purple light once I open LSP. (Which inidicates normal DMX and MIDI communication.) I have it connected on DMX1 to the MinleonExpress with a DMX to RS485 (CAT5 connector) adapter cable. This all appears, and I believe to be, correct.

    The MinleonExpress is set to DMX starting channel 120: ie: When I power it off and on I see 120 on the display. The power light is green. In test mode, I do get output to my string set which I have plugged into the first channel. This seems to be correct.

    Now, in LSP, I drag the "Enttec DMX Pro-Based Device" controller to the musical sequence I have, and set it to Zone 1, 16 Channels, and then set the channel count to start at 120. I get 16 channels with Channel Numbers 120-135. Now I configure the output plugin, I set it to Com3, 115200, click next, leave it at 30ms and Use Default is checked. I leave the Channel Mode setting to 512 Total Output Channels, and again "Use Default" is checked. Checking my Output Configuration Manager, I find the DMX Pro Output on Zone 1 configured, and my other controller (e1.31 SanDevice) on Zone 2. (My other controller is set on Zone 2, with universes 2-13, and is outputting no problem.)

    When I go to "Test Controller Hardware", go to the proper tab, and output (bank, chase or manually) I get no output at all.

    I tried the same thing with the Entec OpenDMX controller, but still got no output. I also tried starting with channel number 1, as well as putting all 512 channels on the controller and trying it that way, but still nothing. I must be missing something though. Any ideas?

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    The issue maybe due to the fact that you have configured the output with 512 channels but are starting at 120 so you may now have too many channels in the universe. Anything stopping you from using channel 1 start address instead to simplify things
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    Maybe try a blank sequence with just a single 16 channel lynx express controller and go from there. I will try and be on here this evening or tomorrow morning to assist.

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