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    Man! Round 12 of controller wars!!! Ding ding ding!!

    I will second the Sandevices controller!

    Where is fasteddy? He will say the j1sys p12!

    Sandevices may have caught up on the controller interface with drop down menus!!

    Pick a display you like, ask them what they use, and duplicate it! In the end they all make the lights flash and our wallets lighter!
    Good luck!

    the sandevices is not a bad choice at all now that Jim has simplified the setup, the J1sys controllers are also a great choice, then there is the pixlite controllers from advatech

    I do like using the minleon effects controller now days as it takes away the computer and just runs on an SD card, but of coarse you must use Minleon lights for this.
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    1 prototype e680, 2 e681's, 1 e682, 3 ren24's, 1 ren64, and one ren8. The rens are DMX which is sent from a diyledexpress e1.31 to DMX bridge.
    5 houses using:
    Renard 64, 3 Ren24's, Ren8 (running DMX)
    E680 pixel controller
    2 E681's
    e1.31/DMX bridge
    ~2300 WS2801 pixel nodes
    Lots of 3 channel DMX controllers
    Windows 8 64 bit, I7, 16gb ram, Samsung 840 Pro SSD for sequencing
    Windows 7 64 bit, I5, 16gb ram, SSD, to run the show

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    I have 1 universe driven by an Entec Pro DMX converter which has 2 d-light AC16's converted to DMX. I also have several dump pixel elements on this same universe with individual controllers. On the smart pixel side I use E1.31 gateway with a Joshua ECG-P12S. This is my first season using smart pixels and I found the Joshua to be easy to set up, well built and reliable so far. I'm only using 7 of the 12 available universes so I have room to expand next year without additional controllers.


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