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  1. Default Need help with DMX setup... :'(

    There are just too many components and I dont know what I have setup correctly and what I do not...any help is appreciated.

    Here is the setup:
    LSP 2.8 setup with an E1.31 controller. I am running a test sequence all channels for channels 1-100 set to turn off and on every my test should just have my RGB light flash.. I have confirmed the Output button is enabled at the top of my screen.
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    If I go into the configuration it says my E1.31 is configured, but I did not choose any of the settings. If I open the wizard, this is what shows as the current configuration.
    Attachment 1240

    Next in the chain is the E1.31 device. This was purchased from one of the forum posts advertising this product.
    Forum Post:

    The documentation for this product can been viewed here:

    My pc is set to and my device is connected to an unmanaged switch and has set as its IP address.
    I have the device connected to the ethernet port and then the output connected to the "Universe 1" port.
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    Next in the chain is my controller. It is a Rainbow Brain controller from Seasonal Entertainment LLC. The setup document states that if all my DIP switches are set to ON and dip switch 1 is set to OFF I should be using the first set of DMX channels, which should fit in my 1-100 channel test. The RGB light is plugged into port 1 of this device, but I have tried moving the plug while the LSP test was running to the other ports and had no success.
    Here is the setup document for the Rainbow Brain:

    Here is a picture of the unit:
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    Last device is my RGB LED lights. These are Rainbow Flood lights also from Seasonal Entertainment LLC.
    I did have these working a few years ago with a usb device, but can no longer get the usb device to work as I think drivers are no longer compatible with I am trying to use this E1.31 device to replace it.
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    This is for a Halloween project. I was unable to get this up and running last year..(which is how I found out I had the driver issue)...and am trying to get a good enough jump start on getting this up and running for this year, but I need help.

    PLEASE...and Thank You for any advise and or assistance.
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