A LightShow Pro v2.5 Software Update!

As part of the continuous improvement of LightShow Pro, this optional update addresses several user reported conditions playing back large sequences in the scheduler improving performance, functionality and stability.

  • Improved Scheduler output and playback performance.
  • Improved DMXPro, E1.31, Pixelnet effect generation efficiency and responsiveness.

Synchronize your lights to music and video.
Control your lights with devices including KORG Nano, iPhone/iPad, Wii? Guitar and Drums!

This Update is available using the LightShow Pro Auto-Update tool.
(located in the LightShowPro Start Menu)
Get The full Update Here

Compatible with most lighting controllers and devices, including: DMX, X-10, Animated Lighting, LightORama, D-Light, Lynx and Enttec hardware.