The management of LightShowPro, in coordination with the QCC, the Beta-testing Team and the LightShowPro development team, are pleased to offer this new updated release to the V2.8 Schedulere. With the many improvements to the software we advise making sure you have all of your files backed up to include the install files for your previous used release. You should also insure you have a backup of your MyLightShow Settings folder. This will insure you can return to your current state in the event of any undiscovered issues with this release. This build contains updated links for the Scheduler. Existing links for the Sequencer are also included. If you have never entered a 2.8 key you will need to do so or you will run in demo mode. If you don’t have a 2.8 key please reference the release documents as to how to obtain one.

Scheduler Changes

Added Pad Bytes for Renard
Added Sequence Number in packet for E1.31
Changed E1.31 to use device plugin GUID in packet
Added check for plugins not loaded when adding sequence
Handle errors that may occur during playback of a show if the database cannot be accessed.
Ensure that optimized files (.QUE) are not left open after playback of an associated performance.
Corrected issue that caused Scheduler manual playback controls to hang after pausing playback.
Corrected issue causing playback progress to blank when playback is paused.
Added additional error logging.
Check for an invalid sequence file when a sequence is added to a show and notify the user if the file is invalid.
Fixed issue causing a crash when a media file search path does not exist.

No Sequencer Changes.

Existing Builds:
We thank you for your continued support as we continue to improve LightShowPro and we hope these updates will make your lighting sequencing and scheduling experience more enjoyable.