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    Angry NDB Configuration Issues

    Does anyone know how to setup the NDB to work with LSP? I have tried everything. I changed the output configuration settings in the Scheduler. I am only using one NDB and I cannot get it to communicate with LSP within the sequencer. I do not have a dongle so I wanted to setup the NDB to work using an CAT6 Ethernet cable. I can open the NDB config settings and changed it to Artnet and saved the changes. What am I doing wrong?

    Even using the NEC, I have tried to move the sequence files over to an SD and that doesn't work either. I have tried and tried to convert the files to a .bin and starting with a number. Example 1-RGBshow.bin and the NEC doesn't recognize the file.

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    For the scheduler, each universe must be setup with a maximum of 510 channels.


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