Minleon is pleased to inform the LSP community of the following organizational updates.

Software Development
Minleon firmly believes the success of LSP in becoming the industry’s leading RGB software is contingent upon our ability to execute our commitment of maintaining and enhancing LSP software on a long-term perpetual basis. As you may be aware, to accomplish this, in coordination with the LSP Quality Control Committee (QCC), Minleon has established a software development/ programming team to steer us in this direction.

To secure and fortify our intended position, Minleon is pleased to announce our recent offer to Ryan and Jeff, members of our development/programming team, a partnership interest in LSP through our newly formed LLC, LightShow Studios. In return, Ryan and Jeff would commit on a long-term perpetual basis to manage our LSP’s software development efforts. Ryan and Jeff have accepted our offer.

Although the first tasks of LightShow Studios is to maintain current functionality while continuing to re-write our sequencer module, additional enhancements will be following, assuring LSP users of continued leading edge RGB lightshow technology. As your time allows, please welcome Ryan and Jeff as partners in LightShow Studios, LLC, which along with Minleon, owns and operates LSP.

Operational Update
The retirement of Mike (Mulvenna) from LSP, has left a void in our user-support area. To immediately address this void, Minleon has re-structured the job duties of one of its employees, Reggie Stiteler. In addition to other LSP duties, Reggie will serve as the LSP ‘traffic cop’ in terms of assuring all unresolved LSP issues surfacing in the LSP forums (and as they become known elsewhere) are identified and forwarded to the proper LSP designee for timely resolution, monitoring each issue through its life-cycle. Then as the issue dictates, documenting the event on our website for future reference. In addition to contacting Reggie via our forums, he can be reached at minleonusa2@live.com. As your time allows, please welcome Reggie to our LSP operation.

Product Promotion
With these updates, LSP would like to celebrate by offering a special sales promotion. Specifically, throughout the month of July, we are pleased to offer our LSP professional edition for the price of our advanced edition. Our purchase procedure will be simple, as one desires to purchase our promotional product, merely purchase the advanced edition on our website, and we will automatically forward a professional license key.