Dear Valued LightShowPro user;

As recently posted in LightShow Studioís (LSS) faceboook page, LSS has completed their development of LightShow Proís (LSP) planned enhancements and the public beta version is ready for use. The following is important to know as LSS rolls out this public beta version:
1. It will be named LSP V3.0,
2. The beta version will be available as Ryan and Jeff previously noted on their LSS facebook page, and will have a time-use expiration of January 31, 2018,
3. Itís value over prior LSP versionís is itís simplicity, added functionality, and scalability as we desire additional functionality in years to come; BUT, this V3.0 is not fully compatible with prior versions,
4. The coordination of LSP V3.0 with prior versions follow;
a. If you purchased LSP V2.8 package in the past, or purchased a V2.8 upgrade, you are eligible to receive free, the final released V3.0 after the beta period ends, if requested by 12/31/17,
b. If you received a free-of-charge V2.8 upgrade, or free-of-charge V2.8 package under any other condition, you are not entitled to a free final released V3.0, and can pay our introductory price once it is determined.
c. Regardless of the above, all are welcome to participate in the beta testing of V3.0 up through 1/31/18.
d. Additionally, effective 12/31/17, LSP V2.5 packages and prior will no longer be supported by LSP/LSS; but as a professional courtesy, upon request by 12/31/17, we will replace those version free-of-charge with V2.8 upgrades.

In conclusion, we do apologize for the extended time taken to offer this new enhanced product, and as your interest allows, please proceed to the LSS facebook page for additional details.

Thank You.

The Management of LSP
[Minleon and LSS)